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Marie R from Johannesburg, South Africa

We booked at the Asean Hotel for 4 nights. On arrival we made an unplanned decision to do a 2 day boat cruise. This meant that we had to cut our 4 day stay at hotelwith half, however, at such short notice we thought we would end up paying the full 4 night stay. The hotel staff and manager were incredibly accomodating and allowed for us to pay only 2 nights and cancelled the other two nights at NO charge. This is not their everyday policy but after discussion they accomodated us fully.

Apart from the great service, the hotel rooms were fantastic, room service and attendance was top class and breakfast was 5 star.

A stone throw away we also experienced local Ha Long at a local restaurant.

We certainly will encourage our friends to visit Asean Hotel. We enjoyed our stay very much.

We love Vietnam and certainly will be back.

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Bai Chay ( Hau Can ) Road, Bai Chay Ward,
Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
Tel: (84-203) 3640027~0034 * Fax: (84-203) 3640077
HOT LINE: 012347883333
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